2018.10.05 Patch Notes

- Added Colosseums! Once entered, the only ways out are to either defeat the colosseum's champion or perish trying. Besting a champion will earn the player a title and a substantial reputation boost with that champion's faction.
- Players now receive a Key Fragment for every 10 unique creatures they discover. It is now possible to complete a run solely by tracking and cataloging monsters.
- Players now receive a Key Fragment for reaching the highest reputation rank of a faction.
- Increased the number of uniquely generated monsters per game
- Changed benefit of crossbows - bolts now pierce and damage targets on their flight path instead of getting stopped by the first sufficiently large obstacle like other ammunition.
- Command history now resists through game saves
- If your primary weapon is out of attack range while your offhand weapon is in range, you will now use your offhand weapon to attack.
- Fixed a bug that prevented firearms from interrupting targets as frequently as intended
- Fixed several errors in the item database that caused crashes when viewing known recipes


FARA-linux32.zip 51 MB
Oct 04, 2018
FARA-linux64.zip 50 MB
Oct 04, 2018
FARA-win32-x64.zip 53 MB
Oct 04, 2018
FARA-mas64.zip 48 MB
Oct 04, 2018


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