2018.10.12 Patch Notes

- Shield spells now provide a moderate resistance chance to all magic attacks, not just the ones corresponding to the shield's element(s). Using a shield spell of the same element as an incoming attack still provides a higher resistance chance.
- Spells with targets now describe who they are being cast on in the combat log
- NPCs now occasionally use their defensive spells on their allies
- NPCs now pick their combat targets based on slightly more elegant criteria than which is first on an relatively arbitrary list.
- Dead entities no longer display over living ones on the map
- Fixed a bug that made NPC attack patterns a little more predictable than intended
- Potentially fixed some spacial anomalies surrounding traveling underground and resurfacing.  


FARA-linux32.zip 51 MB
Oct 11, 2018
FARA-linux64.zip 50 MB
Oct 11, 2018
FARA-win32-x64.zip 53 MB
Oct 11, 2018
FARA-mas64.zip 48 MB
Oct 11, 2018


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