Public Alpha 8 is LIVE!

- Entities including the player now passively search areas as they move
- Wisdom now increases the likelihood of finding hidden items and enemies
- Charisma now increases the chances of finding rare items
- Added more object descriptions and details to /inspect
- Added /harvest command for gathering fruits and seeds from plants
- Added repair kits for restoring durability to items
- Added owned material counts to the /recipes window
- Added more options to the Quick Actions menu
- Added a confirmation window for loading saved games on startup
- Added a /stats command which provides some basic information about the games primary stats. This can also be seen at the bottom of /help.
- Enabled a more useful commands during the character creation process
- Fixed several game crashes involving game saves and monster generation.
- Fixed a bug that made it very easy to get trapped underground forever
- Fixed a bug that caused digging holes to destroy towns
- Fixed a bug that caused certain plant seeds to be bigger than houses
- Fixed a bug that prevented game time from being properly set from loaded saves
- Fixed some jank item interactions in crash-recovered games
- Fixed a bug that allowed entities to wear multiples of the same item type

Just in case you don't feel like sifting through old patch notes, here are some other cool things that have happened since

- Added a brand spanking new lighting system and enhanced stealth mechanics
- Added autocomplete for typed commands
- Added autoequip for taken items
- Added ~100 new items
- Added the ability to engrave items
- Added several new encounter types, including colosseums
- Added a bunch of map and spell animations
- Added more unique weapon effects
- Revamped underground areas to behave more like indoor ones
- Revamped several lackluster classes
- Other things probably!

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Nov 08, 2018


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