Public Alpha 9 is LIVE - Lights! Doors! Danger!

Danger Indicators and Explosions! Multi-Room Houses with Working Doors!Spell Effects and Fancy Boss Chambers!


- Added an autosave feature! It's on by default, and does its best to save the game at pivotal moments. It can be toggled with /autosave.
- Added the long-requested ability to disable FARA's pixel font with /font.
- Added a new class, the Wildheart! Unique Ability: Killer Instincts - Wildhearts heal nearby animal companions when attacking, and gain stamina whenever a nearby animal ally attacks. Killing blows made against animal allies will damage the Wildheart and send them into a rage for a short duration. Additionally, Wildhearts gain Truestrike when a hostile target is knocked prone.
- Added a new class, the Artificer! Unique Ability: Spellgrafting - Artificers can infuse items with spell tomes and scrolls, allowing those items to cast the infused spell when struck or used to attack.


- Added a few more starting recipes
- Every item now has at least three possible tiers: Normal, +Artisan+, and {Masterwork}. Each tier increases the durability of the item, provides a small damage bonus when wielded, a small block chance when worn, and increased elemental resist/proc chance.
- Artisan Tools and Masterwork Tools have been added, which are used to increase the quality of other items. They can be found in the wild, or crafted from Runic Dust (which can now be salvaged from runes, scrolls, and tomes).
- Recipes are now auto-learned when picking up items
- It is once again possible to craft items without knowing their recipe, but doing so cost twice as many materials, takes more time, and drains stamina.
- The chance for entities to have higher quality gear now scales with the number of Key Fragments the player has.
- Armor and Weapon Chests now have a chance to produce higher quality gear based on the Charisma of the chest opener.


- Added attack speed, attack power, block chance, and elemental resistances to the /character window
- Added a balanced attack type. It has none of the pros or cons associated with the other attack types. It can be done with '/attack center','/balancedattack', or '/ba', and has replaced /kick as the [ shift + down arrow ] keyboard shortcut. /kick can still be performed with [ k ].
- Increased the speed of all direct attack types
- Increased the dodge chance and reduced the accuracy of evasive strikes
- Increased the attack speed of defensive strikes
- Decreased the speed of offensive strikes
- Entities fighting without an offhand item now deal more damage
- Entities fighting with two weapons can no longer be parried unless the other combatant is also fighting with two weapons
- Removed most of the variable damage from standard attacks. Everything (including the player) hits harder now.
- Weapon damage has been rebalanced, widening the damage gap between the fastest and slowest weapons.
- Weapons now lose durability when used to attack. The amount of wear and tear depends on the type of attack used.
- Rebalanced the amount of elemental resistance granted by elemental armor. Normal gear now provides less, Artisan provides the old standard amount, and Masterworks provide more.
- Entities with innate elemental properties now have a high resistance chance to damage of that element, and are highly vulnerable to another element. 
- Players can now tell their human allies to attack specific targets with '/say attack (name)'. Shouting will issue the command to everyone nearby.
- All party members with combative prowess will now attack your target as soon as you do instead of waiting for you to be struck.
- Attacking at range from stealth no longer triggers a delay for the attacker's next action.
- While outdoors, all ranged weaponry (not just firearms) now has a chance to interrupt their target's actions.


- Beekeeper - They now heal from eating honey
- Blacksmith and Tailor - Their abilities now allow them to craft unknown metal and textile items without any of the new penalties.
- Cat Whisperer - Cats will only show up when the whisperer is injured, and they start off Enraged. They are also now classified as allies instead of party members, meaning they won't follow the whisperer around, but also don't count against the new party limit. The cats can be still join your party via feeding just like most other animals.
- Gunslinger - They no longer spend ammunition when attacking from melee range. This does not affect their damage output. Also, their unique ability has been renamed from Gunfighter to Taegunsho because I think I'm clever.
- Illusionist - They now start with the Blink spell.
- Monk - They are now properly immune to burning instead of having to wait for the first tick of potential burning damage.
- Scoundrel - Their traps now have a 100% chance to stun their victims.
- Wrestler - They now get a damage bonus from all unarmed aerial attacks instead of offensive stance attacks, and their ability to immobilize targets with attacks has been removed.


- Added ~30 new items, including a new spell type
- Added multi-room houses and working doors
- Added a message to location description text when you are near running water
- Added some more descriptive text about item sizes and your ability to carry a given item
- Moved the "Start New Game (Deletes Save) option from the [ 2 ] key to the [ 9 ] key.
- Using /take on chests will now open them
- Increased the average amount of runes gained from Elemental Chests
- Increased the duration of non-damaging spell effects by 400%
- Increased the difficulty of Outlaws and Ringleaders
- Abandoning quests now decreases your reputation with any associated factions.
- Astral Chests are now immune to damage and produce light.
- Resetting Combat Dummies will now cause them to drop all possessed items.
- Traps are no longer automatically detected by nearby entities, and the probability to find them is now based on Wisdom. Additionally, entities who trigger traps have a chance to completely avoid their effects based on Dexterity.
- The damage and negative effect duration for most traps has been reduced.
- Made NPCs ever-so-slightly more conversational
- /roll now has a chance to put out flaming objects on both the roller and their belongings.
- Repair Kits are now smaller and single use. The amount of durability they restore to an item depends on the material the kit is made of.
- Guards and other sentries are now far less likely to sleep at night.
- Most unique monsters now have elemental properties associated with their native biomes. Water creatures are typically found in ocean areas, fire and earth creatures are often found in the mountains, etc.
- The /give command can now be used when carrying objects.
- Scrolls and tomes looted from chests should no longer have random (and often unrelated) elements assigned to them.
- Changed the death screen to show your stats at the time of death instead of 0.
- Key Fragment revivals now interrupt whatever action the revived entity was performing.
- Reduced party size from 5 to 4. Commanders may recruit 5 party members.
- Animals must now be in an ecstatic mood to join parties.
- Fixed a bug which prevented the power of colosseum champions from scaling as intended
- Fixed a error which caused Cat Whisperers to have lower stat bonuses than other classes
- Fixed a bug which caused party members to not follow their leader when transitioning between indoors and outdoors.
- Fixed the [ Q ] shortcut not working
- Fixed a bug with the burning house event that prevented the reward from spawning
- Fixed homesick slavers wandering away from their captives
- Fixed an erroneous number being displayed for the number of materials recovered from /harvest and /salvage
- Fixed some buggy interactions with items that have been thrown up
- Fixed an issue with disappearing items in dungeons
- Redistributed typos

There's way more, but rest is best left to discovery. Special thanks to the FARA Discord ( and everyone else who playtested an early version of this beefy update and provided feedback.

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