2018.12.21 Patch Notes

- Using /stow or /drop without specifying a name/number will now default to stowing/dropping the top item in your possession.
- Using /interact on hostile targets no longer attacks them.
- Salvaging elemental items now has a chance to recover runes of that element.
- Increased the drop rate of sticks, and added a high chance for trees to drop some when destroyed.
- Fixed some language errors in the /waypoints window
- Fixed a bug that allowed entities to eat things far out of their actual reach
- Fixed a bug that caused Wrestlers to occasionally set their enemies down gently instead of bodyslamming them.
- Minor optimizations


FARA-linux32.zip 51 MB
Dec 20, 2018
FARA-linux64.zip 50 MB
Dec 20, 2018
FARA-win32-x64.zip 53 MB
Dec 20, 2018
FARA-mas64.zip 48 MB
Dec 20, 2018


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