Public Alpha 10 is LIVE - Lairs! Buildings! Taverns!


- Added lairs! Lairs serve as the home of one big baddie who lurks in the shadows. These encounters run a little differently than most, and you'll need to be quick on your feet if you want to come out victorious.
- Added a few more entries to the /glossary
- Eased the requirements for crafting buildings and added craftable walls! Now you can create multi-room buildings complete with working* doors.
- Started adding settlement upgrades! It's still a rough work in progress, but completing quests from a Bounty Board will open up new facilities in that settlement.
- Rebalanced all class stats.  Every class now starts with a Good stat, an Above Average stat, and a Below Average stat.
- Removed varying stamina pools between classes
- Reworked Scouts to provide options for setting distant waypoints.


- Using /takeall or [ shift + t ] will now open chests.
- Made several adjustments to target selection that will hopefully lead to more predictable  behavior when picking up, giving, dropping, and salvaging items.
- Mounting creatures is now treated like other actions, meaning it takes time and can be interrupted.
- Fixed a few instances of the intelligence stat not being properly applied
- Fixed a bug that allowed mounted entities to carry the things they were riding
- Cleaned up some erroneous pluralization when working with singular items
- Made dozens of tiny optimizations in the ongoing effort to get the gaming running smoother for longer. all sorts of tweaks and treasures best left to personal discovery. Good luck out there!

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