Public Alpha 11 is LIVE - A Brave New World

This one is a doozy. Where do I even start?


- Combat and object interactions have been removed from the overworld. Most of the game now takes place at the zoom level once reserved for indoor spaces and dungeons. While viewing the overworld map, press [ Enter ], [ e ], or type /explore to drop down to the local level. As you travel, you will happen upon encounters which automatically trigger the local view. Having most the game take place at the local level offers many new and exciting perks:
--- Bump to attack! Under most circumstances, living entities can no longer share the same map tile. Among other things, this means you can now attack hostile targets by simply walking into them.
--- Ranged weaponry in general is now much more viable.
--- Most interactions that required entities to be on the same tile can now happen from 1 tile away.
--- The open spaces allow for more tactical combat. You can utilize terrain features for cover, stand against large objects to avoid being surrounded, or climb trees to get a better vantage.
--- NPC path-finding has been beefed up so they aren't so easily bested by trees and building corners.
--- Area of effect spells have been reworked to take advantage of multiple tiles
--- The jumping mechanic has been reworked, and is now an indispensable tool when dealing with attackers at range. 
--- Settlements and encampments are now truly explorable areas.
--- Buildings as items have been removed, and instead players can craft walls and floor tiles. Using these, you can create any building size and shape you want!
--- Rivers and ponds are no longer targetable objects, and are instead features of the landscape you can walk up to and utilize. 
--- Several classes have been tweaked to take advantage of the new mechanics and space.
- Added several new map effects to basic combat
- Added pigments! Pigments allow you mark an area with a specific color, and can be combined to produce every color under the rainbow.
- Added a little color variety to the target dots on the map
- Added party member items to the /compare window
- Reworked the robbery mechanic to be a bit more engaging and straightforward

Getting all of the old systems up to speed is an ongoing effort, so expect a few more related patches next week that address new issues like movement speed.


- Adventurer: When exploring a local area, Adventurers can tell if there's treasure nearby.
- Dervish: New Ability: Dangerous Dance -  Dervishes gain the Whirling condition after dancing. While whirling, Dervishes cannot be parried and have a chance to cleave all targets in melee range when attacking.
- Monk: New Ability: Path of Fire - When Monks jump, they have a chance to set enemies along their path on fire. When burned, Monks are cleansed of most negative conditions.
- Reaper: Greatly increased the amount of health gained from killing an enemy
- Spelunker: Instead of glowing in the dark, Spelunkers now have permanent Darkvision.


- Added ~50 new items
- Added recipe items! Reading recipes will teach the reader how to create a specified item.
- Added a /salvageall command to salvage/butcher everything within reach. The command will show in the Quick Actions menu when applicable, and can also be done with /salvage all, /butcher all, and /butcherall.
- Dramatically increased the variety of dungeon monsters with the new prefix system. These prefixes should give players an idea of what areas a particular monster may excel, and where they might be vulnerable.
- Masterwork items may now be infused with up to two elements, granting the effects and resistances of both elements.
- Revamped the /define command to show multiple results and actually be helpful
- So many bug fixes I actually stopped keeping track. If it was reported before today, it's either been fixed or accepted as a feature.

This is far and away the biggest update FARA has received since its public release in May 2018, and I'd love your feedback. If you haven't already, please consider joining us on Discord!

Finally, I want to give a BIG  shout out to everyone in the FARA Discord who helped test earlier versions of this release over the past two weeks. They suffered tremendously so that you might suffer slightly less. These expansive changes might have never seen the light of day were it not for their positive feedback and encouragement, so thanks for taking the time to provide some top notch insights. There is still plenty of in-game text that needs updating and bugs that need squashing, so if you come across something that doesn't seem quite right, be sure to let me know!

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Hooray, these are all great changes!