2019.02.10 Patch Notes

- Expanded the functionality of /interact. It will now:
--- Harvest/Butcher valid targets
--- Attack hostile entities in range
--- Attempt to pick up most takeable items
--- Smash open Supply Crates and Barrels. /open will also do this.
- The contents of campfires, fire pits, and other similar objects are now displayed as targetable options in the Nearby window. The /open command no longer empties these objects out.
- Removed a bunch of container-y sounding items because you can't actually put things in them and it was confusing.
- Workbenches are no longer fixed items and can be moved around
- Updated the Quick Actions window with a few more interactions
- Re-added several items that hadn't made the transition to Alpha 11
- Settlements and most other landmarks no longer appear on ocean tiles.
- Got rid of the odd little dangling tile at the southern tip of every local area
- Fixed an error that prevented certain ingots from being classified as metals
- Fixed a bug that allowed mercenaries to remain recruitable if you've attacked them
- Engine optimizations


FARA-linux32.zip 76 MB
Feb 08, 2019
FARA-linux64.zip 72 MB
Feb 08, 2019
FARA-win32-x64.zip 58 MB
Feb 08, 2019
FARA-mas64.zip 47 MB
Feb 08, 2019


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