2019.02.16 Patch Notes

- Added farming! It's pretty simple for now - drop a seed into a Hole and it'll turn into a Plot. After a day or so, your new plant(s) will shoot out of the ground.
- In order for rescue quests to be completed successfully, the person must now be returned alive.
- NPCs with high Intelligence or Wisdom are now more prone to casting offensive spells in combat, and other NPCs are now slightly less inclined.
- Fixed an issue where a notable NPC could rob you in your sleep, causing them to be labelled a thief and eventually run away forever
- Fixed a display issue that would show sleeping entities as both Resting and Sleeping
- Fixed a crash on startup caused by attempting to reference some deleted resources


FARA-mas64.zip 47 MB
Feb 17, 2019
FARA-win32-x64.zip 58 MB
Feb 20, 2019
FARA-linux64.zip 72 MB
Feb 20, 2019
FARA-linux32.zip 76 MB
Feb 20, 2019


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