Public Alpha 12 is LIVE - Mouse/Touch Support!


- This alpha release introduces a pretty big game-changer regarding accessibility - FARA can now enjoyed with a mouse or touchscreen! As much as I love writing beefy changelogs, the changes are pretty simple:
--- Clicking/tapping objects on the side panels will display a tiny* menu with various contextual actions
--- Clicking anywhere in the central game log or status section will provide access to more general commands and features
--- Clicking on a map tile will now move your character toward that tile. If you're in a local area, you'll zip right to the targeted location in one click. If you're on the world map, you'll move one tile in the direction of the cursor. Clicking the center tile will search the area.


- Rebalanced health values across all classes. If your favorite class went from 'Above Average' to 'Average' health, it doesn't necessarily mean the value is lower than before. Additionally, the classifications of health no longer vary between classes. Two classes with 'Above Average' health now have exactly the same amount.
- Pressing the [ enter ] key will now trigger the /interact function with your target if the command prompt is closed.
- Dramatically improved the pathfinding capabilities of NPCs. 
- Added richer descriptions and additional mouse menu options for those interested in playing with the UI disabled
- Added /moveto command which pathfinds your way to a target
- /takeall no longer picks up Supply Crates and Barrels
- /salvage and /salvageall will now open all nearby Supply Crates and Barrels
- Tweaked some things to make the game less frustrating for players who (for whatever reason) want to play the game on mobile devices. FARA still isn't exactly mobile-friendly and I still wouldn't recommend playing it on a phone if you can help it, but this patch should make such a thing far more possible, particularly on Android devices running Chrome.
- Fixed a bug that prevented the dexterity score of certain animals and monsters from being properly applied
- Fixed a bug that could cause cooking from the Quick Actions menu to cook the wrong item
- Fixed a crash related to destroying boulders
- Fixed a bug that would cause party members to rob you in your sleep. May re-add.
- Fixed a bug with climbing that allowed entities to remain elevated even if the climbed item was destroyed
- Fixed a bug that caused commoners to suggest visiting the town you're already in
- Fixed a bug that could cause colosseum Champions to leave a life of glory behind in favor of murdering you in your sleep for no reason in particular
- Fixed a bug that allowed abused Combat Dummies to cast aside their shackles and hunt down their oppressors


- Farming! It's pretty simple for now - drop a seed into a Hole and it'll turn into a Plot. After a day or so, your new plant(s) will shoot out of the ground.
- Revamped settlements with more organized layouts, plots for new developments, and the partial re-introduction of quest-based town expansion
-More descriptive combat logs
- Quests from Bounty Boards no longer disappear when accepted and can be abandoned and tracked again later.
- Dramatically increased the performance of map animations with minimal* downsides
- Butchering a salvaging now teach you about the objects/animals before dismantling them
- Added an /exit command which will return the player to the world map from a local area. It can also be done with /leave.
- Expanded the functionality of /interact
- Added some friendly fire protection. Attacking a healthy party member once will no longer cause them to turn on you. Attacking them a second time within a certain time frame or while they are Injured or Dying will cause them to retaliate.
- Overhauled the movement speed system and made the stat visible in the /character window
- Increased the health of several classes designed to fair well in melee combat

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