Public Alpha 13 is LIVE - Combat: Evolved


- This alpha release overhauls FARA's oldest, and quite frankly, most confusing system - combat:
--- Offensive attacks, defensive attacks, evasive attacks, balanced attacks, pushing, kicking, and parries have been removed in favor of just two attacks: Regular attacks ([ a ] or /attack) and Heavy attacks ([ shift + a ] or /attackheavy).
--- Regular attacks behave mostly like Balanced attacks from pre Alpha 13.
--- Heavy attacks tend to be slower, more powerful, use stamina, decrease weapon durability, and trigger special effects based on the weapon used. For instance, performing a heavy attack with a dagger or similar small blade will cause the attacker to leap backward evasively after the strike. Other heavy attacks can deflect projectiles, apply status effects, etc.
--- Entities gain most of the benefits provided by the removed Defensive/Evasive stances as long as they can see the attacker and are not performing any actions (including attacking)
- Added class-specific combat behaviors for NPCs. Gunslingers will jumping around to dodge ranged attacks, Alchemists will throw mixtures, etc.
- Added ~10 new weapon types
- Rebalanced the stats for several material and item types
- Entities no longer need a target selected to attack. Attacking without a target will now just attack in the direction you are facing.
- Made several changes to the stealth mechanic to award those who properly prepare for the occasion
- Elemental Resistance has been changed to Elemental Attunement.  In addition to granting resistances, attunement also increases the potency of one's triggered elemental effects
- Health and stamina bars now show the last instance of damage in a slightly faded color
- Increased inventory capacity from 20 to 25
- Reduced the damage of most melee weapons
- Combative NPCs will now investigate strange noises they hear from unseen entities
- Changed the Intoxicated condition - it now reduces attack accuracy while increasing charisma, constitution, and the chance to stumble after missing.


- Gatekeeper - Reworked their unique ability: "Gatekeepers have a higher than usual chance to deflect projectiles and block moving enemies attempting to flee. Additionally, their shields and armor take less damage when struck."
- Elemancer - They now received a bonus to all elemental attunements
- Dervish - Whirling now prevents Dervishes from being interrupted by attacks
- Rhapsodist - Their songs now require four notes and are a combination of heavy and regular attacks
- Monk - Path of Fire now triggers for entities in tiles adjacent to the jump path
- Demon Slayer - They now have a chance to resist damage from Legendary Monsters
- Potter - Fixed several issues which prevented the class from working as intended
- Engineer - Fixed several issues which prevented the class from working as intended


- Added several new encounters and enemy types
- Made some substantial changes to spellcrafting:
--- The minimum number of runes required to make a spell has been reduced from 3 to 2.
--- The maximum number of runes that can be in a spell has been reduced from 10 to 5.
--- All crafted spells now start at the same relative power tier
--- Learned spells can now be upgraded at Arcane Obelisks or via Obelisk Shards. Obelisks can be unlocked by completing settlement quests. Obelisks and shards can also be found scattered throughout the world.
--- Intelligence now plays a more important roll in spell damage.
--- Staves now reduce the stamina cost of spells
--- Rune of Power, Rune of Speed, and Rune of Time have been removed from the game.
- Enhanced the random description generator for player characters
- Added the ability to tell certain party members to stay where they are and not follow you
- Performance improvements
- Hopefully fixed more bugs than I created

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