2019.04.02 Patch Notes

- Added more class-specific NPC behaviors for Botanist and Alchemist
- Added startup text for several actions including dancing and throwing
- Reworked the blocking/deflection formula a bit. The most noticeable difference will be that armor gets damaged more regularly, and in the case of deflection, the player will be informed which piece of equipment took the blow.
- Made some adjustments to the Kensai class' unique ability to make it a bit more reliable
- Reduced the occurrence of rivers in the world
- Wanted Posters once again vanish when used
- Updated several /help and /define entries
- Fixed several issues which prevents barrage spells from working as intended
- Fixed an issue with heavy shortbow attacks ignoring the melee range requirement
- Fixed an issue where the UI wasn't updating after using a Hidden Exit
- Fixed a bug which prevented Flame Traps from working
- Fixed a display issue with thrown objects
- Fixed a display issue with the health bar after key fragment revival


FARA-mas64.zip 47 MB
Apr 10, 2019
FARA-win32-x64.zip 59 MB
Apr 10, 2019
FARA-linux64.zip 72 MB
Apr 10, 2019
FARA-linux32.zip 76 MB
Apr 10, 2019


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