Public Alpha 14 is LIVE - Perfectly balanced*, as all things should be.


- All items and materials have had their stats rebalanced, and 4 new materials have been added. Generally speaking, achieving extremely high stats takes more planning than before, and fights should last a little longer with (slightly) fewer unexpected damage spikes.
- The dexterity stat has been completely reworked, and with it comes a few changes to combat:
--- The dodge chance provided by dexterity now only applies when moving or jumping. This means that in order to be successful with a dexterous character, you actually need to move around as you fight.
--- Dexterity now reduces the stamina cost of jumping, and the cost of jumping has been slightly increased.
--- High dexterity is now critical for reliably disarming traps and using stealth
--- The "enemy blocked your movement even though you weren't going that way" mechanic has been removed.
- Charisma now increases the duration of positive effects in addition to reducing the duration of negative ones.
- Intelligence now reduces the cost of most spells instead of Wisdom
- Constitution and Wisdom are now more effective at reducing physical and elemental damage respectively.
- Added a new item type: Reinforcements. Reinforcements can be added to other items to increase certain stats or grant advantages to certain actions.
- Added a message grouping setting which consolidates repeated messages into a single line. It is on by default, and can be toggled with /messagegrouping.
- Added speed information to attack messages
- Added [ ? ] as a hard-coded shortcut to open /help
- Added several new encounter types and revamped the Caravan encounter
- Added 2 new weapon types
- Revamped the /inventory command to show a detailed list of all your possessions. The default shortcut is [ shift + i ].
- Reworked the /accomplishments screen to provide a little more detail about your deeds, and expanded it beyond quest completions. Entries will also be generated for title acquisitions, defeating legendary beasts, etc.
- Pigments and Scribe Chests have been removed from the game, and instead areas can be marked freely with the new /mark (color) command. Areas can be cleaned with /clearmark.
- Fleshed out the noise system a bit. If something is moving nearby and you can't see it, you might still hear it.
- Allies can now be instructed to ride animals
- The darkness effect now increases the mood of the attacker in addition to draining the mood of the target
- Increased the amount of stamina gained from the Soul effect
- Players can now choose their class with the mouse during character creation.
- Reduced overworld encounter chance slightly
- Reduced the base duration of Elemental summons
- Reduced damage taken by armor and added variance based on the type of attack used against it.
- Fleeing local areas now restores health and stamina to any hostile pursuers.
- Crafting Repair Kits now makes five at a time, and Repair Kits now only work on items of the same material
- Active traps must now be disabled before they can be salvaged.
- Fixed a bug that caused innate spells to cost less stamina than intended
- Fixed a bug which could prevent spells from having reduced stamina costs
- Fixed a bug which prevented mouse menus from working if Quick Actions were disabled
- Fixed a crash caused by bags
- Fixed an issue where players could get trapped in Legendary Beast dens
- Fixed a bug which allowed the /connect command to be used on anything
- Updated several /help and /define entries


- Pit Fighter: When critically hit, Pit Fighters gain the Payback effect, which grants bonus damage to their next attack based on the amount of damage received.
- Gamestalker: Gamestalkers now deal more damage the farther away their target is, and their accuracy trait has been removed
- Juggernaut: The knockdown effect of the Juggernaut's movement now interrupts the actions of those affected.
- Demon Slayer: Demon Slayers now silence the source of elemental damage they resist.
- Gatekeeper: Stamina cost of the Protect ability is now determined by Constitution
- Kensai: Stamina cost of the Samurai Showdown ability is now determined by Dexterity
- Gambler: Stamina cost of the Gamble ability is now determined by Charisma
- Rhapsodist: Fixed the class not actually working at all


- Added class-specific NPC behaviors for Botanist, Alchemist, and Chefs
- Added different heavy attack effects for the various firearms:
--- Hand Cannons retain the old trait of interrupting targets
--- Rifle damage is now based on distance to the target, with further targets taking more damage
--- Blunderbusses now deal damage to every piece of armor a target is wearing
--- Cannons now deal splash damage to objects adjacent to the target
- Added two new quest types
- Reworked Kensai. Unique Ability: Samurai Showdown - Kensais have access to the Samurai Showdown ability which dashes to a targeted area at imperceivable speeds. Enemies along the path receive the [Already Dead] effect which deals damage after a brief delay and grants fury to the Kensai. The damage and fury duration are determined by the number of enemies hit.
- You can now tell party members to be/not be passive. While passive, party members will still defend themselves and their allies, but will not immediately attack anything you attack.
- Added several more /say commands for managing same-species party members including:
--- /say stow your X
--- /say draw your X
--- /say take that X
--- /say stand by that X

As is usually required when there's a big update**, a fresh game is required for everything to work properly, and the game probably won't start at all if you attempt to load an older save. Also, if you haven't joined us on Discord yet, drop by and make some friends!

* Highly debatable.
** Any update

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