2019.05.17 Patch Notes

Class adjustments:

- Artificer: --- Increased the durability cost of triggered spellgrafted items --- Removed the stamina cost of triggering spellgrafted items

- Cat Whisperer: --- Changed the algorithm for cat spawns to no longer rely on line of sight

- Added /interact as a valid command when carrying objects - Added missing damage messages to barrage spells - Ward spells now deal damage based on the amount of damage received and spell tier. - Increased the chance of causing slowness with throwing weapons to 100% - Mercenaries now have standards, and no longer find basic weaponry suitable enough to fling themselves into harm's way on your behalf. - Adjusted NPC combat logic to make (slightly) more logical choices about who to attack - Dead entities can no longer be given things - Adjusted generated monster descriptions to hopefully reduce confusion about the size of any given beast - Actually fixed a bug that caused targets of NPC area of effect spells to always be at the center of the spell when cast, even if they've moved since the cast began - Fixed a a bug which prevented NPCs from using heavy attacks - Fixed a bug which made drawing items from your inventory faster than intended under certain conditions - Fixed an issue with animals using Pounce while being ridden - Fixed a bug which prevented shockwave spells from properly applying the Slow effect - Fixed a few typos


FARA-mas64.zip 47 MB
May 16, 2019
FARA-linux32.zip 76 MB
May 16, 2019
FARA-linux64.zip 72 MB
May 16, 2019
FARA-win32-x64.zip 58 MB
May 16, 2019


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