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A browser roguelike with over 60 classes and endless adventure · By BrianIsCreative


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2019.02.16 Patch Notes
- Added farming! It's pretty simple for now - drop a seed into a Hole and it'll turn into a Plot. After a day or so, your new plant(s) will shoot out of the gro...
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2019.02.15 Patch Notes
- Did some work on settlements: --- Settlements are laid out a little more thoughtfully, almost as if they were made by sentient beings with some sort plan in m...
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2019.02.13 Patch Notes
- Added a new landmark/encounter type - Added a confirmation message and effect to Artificer's Spellgrafting ability - You can now see what action an entity is...
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2019.02.10 Patch Notes
- Expanded the functionality of /interact. It will now: --- Harvest/Butcher valid targets --- Attack hostile entities in range --- Attempt to pick up most takea...
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2019.02.08 Patch Notes
- Added party member locations to the /party window - Added some friendly fire protection. Attacking a healthy party member once will no longer cause them to tu...
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2019.02.07 Patch Notes
- Ranged weapons now derive a substantial portion of their damage from the material of the ammunition they're firing. Softer ammunition like wood and bone will...
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2019.02.06 Patch Notes
- Added an /exit command which will return the player to the world map from a local area. It can also be done with /leave. - Added some material variety to the...
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2019.02.05 Patch Notes
- Entities that are being ridden no longer participate in combat unless the rider is an Equestrian - Knocking mounted entities or their mounts prone will now di...
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