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A browser roguelike with over 60 classes and endless adventure · By BrianIsCreative


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2019.04.11 Patch Notes
- Added different heavy attack effects for the various firearms: --- Hand Cannons retain the old trait of interrupting targets --- Rifle damage is now based on...
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2019.04.10 Patch Notes
- Added a new encounter type - Added two new NPC interactions/types - Added two new quest types - Added more detailed descriptions of user actions if the ui is...
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2019.04.05 Patch Notes
- Reworked Kensai. Unique Ability: Samurai Showdown - Kensais have access to the Samurai Showdown ability which dashes to a targeted area at imperceivable speed...
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2019.04.04 Patch Notes
- Added several more /say commands for managing same-species party members including: --- /say stow your X --- /say draw your X --- /say take that X --- /say st...
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2019.04.02 Patch Notes
- Added more class-specific NPC behaviors for Botanist and Alchemist - Added startup text for several actions including dancing and throwing - Reworked the bloc...
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Public Alpha 13 is LIVE - Combat: Evolved
NEW IN PUBLIC ALPHA 13: - This alpha release overhauls FARA's oldest, and quite frankly, most confusing system - combat: --- Offensive attacks, defensive attack...
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2019.03.23 Patch Notes
- Added 2 new landmarks/scenarios - Added rarity values to the different landmarks. In practice, this means that landmarks like Shrines aren't as likely to show...
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2019.03.17 Patch Notes
- Artificers can now use Arcane Obelisks and Shards to upgrade the spells on their items - Elemental summons no longer retaliate against their summoners for any...
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